Interview with Gina Mazza

“Inspiration happens, but it has to catch you working,” advises Gina Mazza, creative alchemist extraordinaire, as she discusses the process of writing in the audio interview posted below.

Gina is the author of Everything Matters Nothing Matters, an eloquent blend of riveting spiritual memoir with a well-defined path readers can follow as they pursue their own spiritual journeys.

Her book is one of a large number of multi-niche memoirs that appear on the shelves of the travel section, spiritual life, healing, recovery ... even the food section of bookstores and libraries. The combination of personal experience and message is powerful, giving readers deeper understanding of a process I discuss in an article, What is a Self-Help Memoir.

During our interview Gina explains how her book evolved into a published volume from a concept she blurted to an agent during a pitch for another book. In keeping with her dual-track book, she also gives listeners some general guidelines on creativity that will be useful to any writer.

The interview lasts for 15 minutes. Click the link below to listen on your computer, or right-click the link to download it to listen on another device. 

Right-click to download file

This book is just one of many facets of Gina’s work. Be sure to visit her beautiful website, to learn more about her classes, coaching, and writing services.

Write now: following the principles that writing makes your thoughts visible and you can control and change what you see, do several minutes of free writing on your own creative process. Are you where you want to be? As you consider what you wrote, ask your Inner Writer or Muse, “How can I move along my path to becoming more creative, to becoming the writer I dream of being?” Listen quietly, and begin writing the answers. 

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