The Ants of Peace

Will Argentine ants take over the Formicidae world? It sounds possible. I was reminded of the lyrics of a children’s counting song, The ants go marching one by one ...  as I read an item in the December 2009 National Geographic about Argentine ants. They are gaining dominance around the world by their ability to get along well with one another. They are forming genetically consistent “super colonies” that enable an ant from one nest to mingle freely in another, preventing competition among queens and internest wars. Apparently this proclivity for peace allows them to solidly expand their territory, crowding out native ant species and interfering with local ecologies. I'll leave it to you to read more about this peril.

How strange, I thought as I read this. If ants can dominate by peaceful behavior, could humans do the same? If people with a peaceful mindset link up and live from a center of love, peace and gratitude, will we eventually overwhelm and crowd out greedy war mongers? Does this fit with what increasing numbers are coming to view as the shift in human consciousness toward global awareness and unity?

I find such questions rich fodder for journaling as I explore my thoughts and beliefs about peace, spiritual growth, and what’s going on in the inner and outer world. As I journal I’m increasingly able to catch myself at the onset of agitation and consider alternative perspectives. I’m increasingly able to remind myself that in a week, month or year, whatever is consuming my attention today will be a distant memory, and let it go.

Besides exploring my psychic navel lint, I write my visions — or fantasies if you prefer — of how life could unfold. I write visions of people all over the world joining in brain and heart waves of love and peace. I see the power of love-waves canceling out the clanging raging, turmoil of life was we know it today, as surely as ocean waters sooth and level the scars of wind, weather and human intrusion on beaches.

As I write about love, peace and gratitude, I reinforce this state within myself and become more peaceful. As I become more peaceful, others around me are able to remain more calm and peaceful. Hopefully, as I write publicly about love and peace, thought-seeds will germinate, like when I read about Argentine ants. The spread of peace among people is far more powerful than the peace of ants, because it will result in abundance for all rather than elimination and destruction of some as is happening with the ants.

The ants go marching ten by ten ... the end!

Write now: about love and peace. Write an essay with your thoughts on why, when and how you think world peace will occur — or why you believe it never can. Or write about your progress in achieving personal peace and serenity or lack thereof. Write about your dreams of peace. You get the picture. Write your own piece of peace.


Karen Walker said...

Made me smile, today, Sharon. Thank you.

Garret Gillespie said...

"If people with a peaceful mindset link up and live from a center of love, peace and gratitude, will we eventually overwhelm and crowd out greedy war mongers?" A resounding YES! This is a belief I've held for some time. In my opinion, it's inevitable that peace loving people will eventually be all that's left to care for one another after those driven by their lust for power and control eliminate themselves through in-fighting. Sacrifices will be experienced by all and even the peace loving won't escape collateral losses, but in the end, I have faith that humankind will find a way to live cross-culturally and without borders.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Karen, I am grateful for your smiles, and your comment.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Amen, Garrett. Hopefully the Mayan Contingent will prove to be the more accurate, and the Shift will occur with less disruption than the Armageddon paradigm.

ybonesy said...

I enjoyed this post, Sharon. It made me feel peaceful.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Ybonesy, Mission Accomplished! :-)