National Day on Writing

 Photo by Churl 

A new tradition is being established today — the National Day on Writing, officially recognized by the US Senate. It  officially began at 12:01 EDT today. Every citizen is encouraged to submit a piece of writing, This may be anything from a polished story or poem to a shopping list.

According to an article in today’s Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,
Danielle Koupf, a doctoral student in English at the University of Pittsburgh, is trying to collect "scrap writing" in her gallery, including lists, sticky notes, homemade signs, letters and journal entries in order to "showcase the unacknowledged, ephemeral writing the pervades ordinary life."
Memoir and other life writers may be especially interested in a special page on the National Association of Memoir Writers site that include an interview with founder Linda Joy Myers.

Rather than dwell on the details, I encourage everyone to click over the the Post-Gazette page, the NAMW page, and the official National Day of Writing site for more information and details on how to submit your piece of writing as a legacy for the future, to create writing community right now, and to inspire others to write.

Write now: something — story, essay, poem, list, journal entry — to share with the world and submit it to the site. 

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