Happy Blogiversary to Me

Nine-candleIt’s time to stop and celebrate nine years of blogging, 640 posts, (that’s a little over 70 per year), countless thousands of comments, and I have no idea how many hundreds of thousands of viewers from all over the world. But what are statistics among friends?

I will point out one small thing derived from those stats: writing steadily, even a relatively small amount (word count average for posts is close t0 700), six times a month will add up to a pile of 650 stories over nine years. Even one story a month will add up to 108 stories in nine years. You can do the math. On the other hand, waiting until the right moment to start can add up to … an empty book.

How persistent are you?

Don’t think these posts have been a completely steady flow. In the beginning I wrote three times a week, sometimes more. Never on a schedule, but reliably often. Later, they slowed to twice a week. The last few months of last year they were more like twice a month, with even longer intervals at times. On several occasions I was tied up with travel or other obligations that left large gaps. Life happens, and that’s okay.

At the beginning of this year I decided nine years was enough. I sat down to write a post saying “It’s been nice, but I’ve said it all, several different ways. Please continue to use and enjoy the archives and similar sites. I’m moving on to other projects now.”

As my fingers fumbled for those words that flow easily in retrospect, I couldn’t do it. I kept thinking of things I have not said yet, or new ways of saying old things. I realized afresh that

  • I love sharing new thoughts and discoveries
  • View stats show that despite relatively low comment rates (something Janet Givens blogged about recently), viewer count has actually climbed.
  • Although blogging gurus insist successful blogs must post on a rigid once-a-week at the same time every time, my results suggest that’s not entirely true. Despite my irregular, sometimes infrequent posting schedule, viewer count has climbed.

So I wrote 2015 Writing Resolutions instead. I will not be bound by Expert Advice to post compulsively at 5 a.m. every (Tuesday) morning, come  hell or high water. I’ll continue to follow my sense of what works for me – and apparently also for readers – and post when I have something to say.

That is my gift to you: no posts written to a deadline. If I ever post more than once a week, you’ll know it’s important!

So there you have it. The Heart and Craft of Lifewriting will continue for the foreseeable future.

Write now: consider a long-term project – writing or something else – that you are feeling burned out on. Write a story about dropping it. Write about what you’ve learned. the rewards (tangible or otherwise) you’ve received, and why it’s time to stop. Is the last part hard to write? If it is, you’ll know it’s not time to stop.


Karen Walker said...

Mazel tov! Sharon - that's awesome. I didn't realize you'd been blogging so much longer than me (6 years), You have such wisdom here. Glad you decided not to quit.

Linda Hoye said...

Happy Blogiversary, Sharon! I'm glad you've decided to continue on using whatever schedule works best for you. I've been a follower, though infrequent commenter, since entered the world of blogs seven or so years ago. I've read a couple of articles from folks recently who are choosing distinguish themselves from the "shoulds" and "must do" advice and I find it refreshing. Kudos to you for walking your own path. We reap the benefit in being able to read and learn from your excellent content.

Amber Starfire said...

Dear Sharon, I'm so glad you decided to continue blogging! Yours is one blog that I always enjoy reading, though I don't always comment (or maybe even don't often comment). You set an example for all of us. For example, I never thought of giving myself a happy blogiversary party, but I think I will from now on!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you carrying on Sharon. And congratulations on your blog's anniversary. I rarely comment, but that is mostly because my blog platform is wordpress, and I can't always get onto BlogSpot sites.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Karen, congratulations on six years. I'm beginning to believe that a blog's lifespan is similar to that of a dog, only one blog year may be nine in human terms. So you are now sixty and I'm ninety. The funny thing is that although I have no specific desire to live to 100, chances are good that I will. Chances are even better that my blog will make it to 100+.

Your refreshing openness about writing and life is an inspiration to all.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Thank you Linda. Janet Givens recently blogged about being nervous at her lack of comments, then checked her stats and found she had a huge number of readers. Comments do not reflect the reach of a blog. I'm also among the legions who seldom comment. I'm doing well to read at all! So I especially appreciate those who do take time to leave a few words.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Amber, you express my thoughts about your blog perfectly. I often read yours and find you have eloquently expressed my precise thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to comment today.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Wangiwriter, it took me ages to whip Wordpress into shape. When I'd comment on a Wordpress blog, it always wanted to use my mothballed Wordpress blog as a reference point. That old blog is still there, but Wordpress has finally realized my real home is on BlogSpot. I used to have Disqus installed to manage comments, and that was a deterrent for many. That seems to have disappeared. I'm posting this comment while logged out, so we'll see...

Aha! Tryng to use my Wordpress ID to comment did not work, but using the Name/URL option takes me to the Captcha routine. I wondered about that. Thanks for the spur to check it out.

BTW, after reading the work of all the Aussie writers I've discovered, I know I'd feel right at home down under. I hope I'll be down there for a visit before too much longer.

Anonymous said...

"Life happens, and that’s okay." Sharon, not only am I impressed with your nine years (Congratulations!) I'm very glad you're staying in the field with us. You know, I too sat down a few weeks ago to write my farewell post (sabbattical anyway) and it turned into something else. BUT, (this follows poorly from the 'not only' above) you have inspired me to start a "worthy of a needlepoint" list. And I'll blog about it eventually. yours is the first. "Life happens, and that’s okay." Sharon Lippincott. What colors would you like it to be in?