Wordplay Magic

Do you believe in magic? Let me ask a deeper question here: What is magic? I keep a link to Dictionary.com on my favorites bar. The drift of their definition is that magic is appearances created by sleight of hand and devious means. I'm so disappointed. I do believe in magic, and the magic I believe in is the appearance of the unexpected, that which is not ordinarily possible. A related word is supernatural.

That word, supernatural, brings me to the point of this post.

Questions may be the single most powerful life writing tool. I refer to those open questions you pose on the page, then suspend thought and write the answers from wherever they come — your subconscious, God, the Universe. I'm less concerned about the source than the substance.

Winding along the path of my daily adventure of discovery on the pages of my journal, I wrote into a dream fragment that took place in a church of sorts, a sacred space. I posed a question: “What is sacred? What does the concept mean?” Two words flowed out of my pen, morphing into altered configurations:

Trance-form. Trance-in-dance.

I felt a tingle of excitement and delight at the invitation into this wordplay game with Wisdom. Trance. What is trance? My answer is “altered state of consciousness, awareness, or  perception.” I could interrupt my writing to check Dictionary.com, but my meaning is the one that matters when I'm on a journal page. That's my reality. The trance definition I work from is a state of being open to the super-natural, aka God or Wisdom.

Thus transform, or trance-form, involves suspending or setting aside the limitations imposed by (my) ordinary ways of thinking and entertaining alternate points of view and possibilities.

Aha! Of course! How could I change, grow, develop and learn without opening to alternate possibilities? That's the only way forward, out of a rut.

I moved on to trance-send. While in that trance, I send (or am sent) from one way of understanding to another, from one form to another. The sending led me to the next step:  trance-in-dance. Dancing is movement. Dancing is energy.

All these thoughts swirled together in a satori moment: for me, sacredness involves suspending belief in the limits of what I currently know and believe so Wisdom can mold my understanding into new forms better suited for whatever purpose is at hand. In an even more fun-da-mental sense, sacred means opening to the pure energy of life, of God. This new point of view, this new understanding of sacredness, forms an evolutionary thread connecting stages of faith and belief through my life.

The effect of those words and that wisdom flowing from the page into my awareness and understanding is magic — the appearance of the unexpected and ordinarily impossible. I might have struggled for weeks or years to come to that realization if I'd sought it deliberately. I definitely, strongly believe in magic — the magic of opening to the possibility of the page!

Write now:
spend some time freewriting, easing into a deep place of meaning for you. Then pose a question similar to the one above, “What is this concept? What does it mean?” As the answer begins to emerge from your fingers, engage with it playfully and let it magically trance-port you to new vistas.

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Christian Assembly of God said...

Do you consider that God is a dancing God if you apply the concept that dancing is movement and energy? If in doubt consider His name...

El, the original name of God is composed of the Hebrew Aleph and Lamed.
Aleph – means ox in Semitic languages. So in the beginning the ox appeared!
The ox is the premier sign, because it represents “strength”, the energy that is so important for living, the elemental energy that sets everything in motion which changes from being to existence.
Lamed – the twelfth leter of the proto-Sinaitic alphabet. It is the ox goad, the stick to prod the ox to move, comprised of a handle and a pointed stem to prick the animal and cause it to move. It means to change from rest to activity.
Ani, the burning bush God is made from the Hebew Aleph, Nun, and Yod.
Nun – the fourteenth letter of the proto-Sinaitic alphabet and represents serpent, snake, water serpent, that which is hidden in the depths, a fish. It is known as the spark of life, forthcoming birth. Nun also means fish in Aramaic. Nun also means “the hidden” depths that cannot be seen. It explains the tradition of hanging up a fish against the evil eye. It is also the earliest symbol for Yeshua along with the boat anchor, both from the hidden depths.
Yod – the tenth letter of the proto-Sinaitic alphabet. It is the act of the hand taking and giving. It is the commandment and it is the passage of time. Yod is also the symbol for God as the creator or progenitor, which delivered the spark of life to man.
So the transition or movement from El-Shaddai to I AM infers:
Aleph-Lamed = In the beginning the primal energy set existence in motion.
Aleph-Nun-Yod = The primal energy became active from the hidden depths at a commandment which provided the spark of life which began time.
(Note: The proto-Sinaitic Lamed and Nun are very similar in form and could have evolved one from the other over time.)
What images does this inspire – that of the Michelangelo Sistine Chapel? In His very name we have our movement and our energy.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Hey Cousin, thanks stopping by and for revealing the rest of your identity in an email. And thank you for this delightful introduction to yet another way to understanding El. Your words bubble like freshly opened ice-cold ginger ale, crisply scintillating on the tongue. Let us dance!