Why I Write

I write to listen
I write to order swirling thought
I write to still my mind
I write to make thinking visible
I write to understand
I write to heal
I write to learn — about life, love, self
I write to anchor insight
I write to celebrate Story 
I write to celebrate Life 
I write to celebrate the Sacred
I write to connect
I write to uplift
I write to encourage
I write to comfort
I write to explain
I write to instruct
I write to praise
I write to express gratitude
I write to celebrate success
I write to document life
I write because I can
I write because I must
Writing is my practice
Writing is my path
Writing is my work
Writing is my calling

Write now: make a list of all the reasons you write.  

Photo by Matsuyuki


Pat's Place said...

That will be a great exercise for my next writing group. Thanks!!

Sharon Lippincott said...

What a cool idea, to have a group write about this. Maybe I'll do that too...

Amber said...

Great post, Sharon. My only question is ... why don't you have a share button on your blog? :-)

Sharon Lippincott said...

Share buttons. At the risk of sounding like a Luddit, I admit that I never thought of it. Will look for them. Thanks for pointing this out.