We Will Never Forget

We’ll never forget, and we’ll never be the same. After nearly a decade, this date that will stand in greater infamy than even Pearl Harbor has acquired even deeper significance for me. I don’t feel alone in this respect. How can I count the ways the world and my life have changed?

More than ever before, war divides the world. It divides Americans who hesitate to discuss the issues across the boundaries that have arisen between Doves and Hawks, right wing and left, conservatives and liberals. It divides the USA from former allies. War has had a serious influence on the decline of the United States economy, and thus also on others around the world. It’s not the only influence, but it may be the greatest.

Fear runs rampant. Fear of everything: the healthcare crisis and cultural meltdown, job security, financial viability in retirement years, depletion of oil reserves, and further terrorist attacks among other things. Fear surely underlies at least part of our rampant culture of greed. Fear is especially visible in airports where it has led to security measure more draconian than even George Orwell might have imagined. In short, life as we used to know it, has ended.

Those are a few of the many dark changes. There are also light ones that receive less attention in the media, those that view the catastrophe and resulting chaos through a lens of love, hope and peace:

Neuroscience discoveries are showing that the wisdom of the ancients has a biological basis. Our minds have amazing powers to heal our bodies and conditions around us. We are learning to harness these forgotten ancient powers in new ways.

A spiritual Renaissance. An ever-growing number of people of all ages are becoming aware that all religions are basically about LOVE, in spite of poisoned minorities that abuse others, impose order through fear, and rely on other tools of darkness. We are certain that the current chaos is merely a reordering of the world that may yet yield the lasting and durable peace mankind has been praying for as long as there has been war. Mankind is in a trial by fire, being shaped into some greater new form.

How are the changes affecting you? Did you know that you already have one of the most powerful tools for preventing much of the physical and emotional harm that comes from the stress and chaos of current conditions? One version, the keyboard on your computer, is right at your fingertips as your read this blog post. One of the discoveries the neuroscientists have made is the value of writing in maintaining and reclaiming health of all sorts. Whether you write by hand or on a keyboard, writing journal entries, personal essays, stories, and other forms of personal thoughts can make you wiser, happier, and more resistant to the ravages of stress.

Have you written in your journal today?

Write now: take a break and enjoy your favorite form of writing. Write about your experience, in any respect with 9/11 and the resulting changes.


Anonymous said...

I have written in my journal today. Thank you for asking. Tomorrow I'll use your prompt.

Last October, my husband and I stayed in a hotel room overlooking the World Trade Center reconstruction. I sat on the sidewalk across the street from it and wrote in my journal. Still can't believe I was that close to it. Can't imagine what it must have been like to be that close nine years ago.

Susan McKenzie said...

With stress at an all-time high in our culture, the practice of getting back to writing our life stories is making a come back. I agree with your statement about writing in our journals, recording our stories, as making us more resistant to the ravages of stress! Very well said... thanks!