Going to the Beach

After four hundred posts on this blog, I need a break. I'm "going to the beach," figuratively if not literally, until mid-June. While I'm away, I invite you to browse through the archives. There is something here for anyone. Use the search field at the very top left corner to find a collection of posts on nearly any aspect of life writing. 

I will be checking email and welcome questions. And who knows ... Sarabelle whispers insistently, I may even pop in a post or two. But mostly I'll be working on some urgent projects that require my current attention.

Keep those fingers flying and write on!

P.S. It took me about seven extra steps and ten minutes to get the photo into this blog. Blogger continues to tweak features in a way that presumably makes things easy enough for a chimpanzee to produce an elegant blog.  Now, don't take this as any sort of disrespect for chimpanzees: Tatu's artwork hangs in my powder room. Tatu was a resident of the primate research lab at Central Washington University, and aside from her artistic flair, she was surprisingly fluent in ASL. If she's still living thirty years later, she probably does want to start a blog to share a fascinating memoir.

UPDATE: April 29. Tatu is still with us at the age of 35. You can read the bio of this remarkable chimp-lady here.

Blogger's new features make it inconvenient for a mere human to continue producing an elegant blog, and I don't have Tatu to help me, so when I return, it will most likely be to a new URL on sharonlippincott.com, using Wordpress, which continues to become increasingly human-friendly. I'll let you know.


Karen Walker said...

I will miss you, dear Sharon. But I understand the need to pull back from blogging and focus on writing and other projects. Stay in touch, okay?

Kathleen Pooler said...

Good for you ,Sharon! I love your picture. It reminds me of how we all need to take time to step back and allow ourselves to refocus,recharge and rejuvenate..so I hope your well-deserved break will be all you want and need it to be. I will miss you but will look forward to your return.(wordpress is great)

Yes, write on!


Maribeth said...

enjoy, Enjoy, ENJOY!

Looking forward to your return.

Sharon Lippincott said...

Thanks all. I can't imagine not coming back, and will arrange things for a smooth transition to the new site. One of the challenges in any sort of move, cyber or physical, is to avoid losing connections.

Bhaswati said...

Dropping by after a while, Sharon! Good to see you're still around on the blogsphere. Hope you come back refreshed from the break.

Charlotte Rains Dixon said...

Enjoy your time at the figurative beach. I so admire people who know when they need a break and then actually take one. So good for you and good luck getting other stuff done.

Tara said...

Always good to read your posts :)

I have been thinking of making the switch to Wordpress for the very same reason!