Google Advisory, aka Trouble in Cyberspace

For over twenty-four hours I've been unable to log in to view Ritergal's gmail. I am also unable to log onto this blog site on computers that weren't already connected when whatever it is happened. Right now my oldest computer, the one that's running Linux, is the only one connected to any Google services. If it happens to shut off, I'm out!

This morning, on my way to the monthly Pittsburgh Writers Project meeting, I was listening to speculation on the news that the North Koreans were causing havoc in Cyberspace. Maybe they hit Google. Who knows?

Anyway, if the blog goes blank for awhile, I'll be back as soon as Google is healed and lets me back in.

I think of this as yet one more sentence or paragraph in my ongoing story.

Write now: about a cyberspace adventure you've experienced.

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Karen Walker said...

I have a blogger friend whose blog was removed by what he terms "the Google Nazis." Who knows what creates this kind of havoc and dismay? Hope your troubles are over soon.