Happy Valentine's Day to YOU!

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Blog readers are sweet,
They keep my words new.
On this Valentine’s Day I send a special greeting to each and every reader, and a huge message of gratitude for all your inspiring and thought-provoking comments.

I’ve often said that I write primarily for myself, because I love to write, and in a sense that’s true. My thoughts take shape as I write. I discover new ideas, new perspectives, and the world takes on fresh shapes and colors as it filters through my fingers.

But, the longer I write, and especially the longer I write for this blog, the more reward I discover in interaction with readers. Dear Blog Readers, life would not be the same without you. I cherish you. I treasure you. So I send you this Valentine, made especially with my very own pixels, just for you. It is torn from the silken fabric of my heart, to speak directly to yours.

Thank you for making my life richer by being here. And please, keep those comments coming. They are unbelievably precious.

Write now: should you feel so inspired, besides writing a few love stories to and about the people dear to you, perhaps you’ll find a few moments later today or tomorrow to write about love in general and what it means to you. Write about how your concept of love has developed through the years. Write about how love has become richer and more meaningful. Write about love of God, love of country, love of family and fellow man. And above all, write about love of self and love of writing!

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Pat's Place said...

Thanks for the Valentine. And I must say that I consider you a treasured friend due mostly to this marvel of technology called blogging!