New Toy for Life Writers

My writing time yesterday and today went into writing web code rather than words, and I just finished building a new toy. Technically I guess it’s called a widget. My very first widget. I’m so excited!

The tips change daily, so be sure to come back often to find a new one, and if you have a blog connected with life writing of one sort or another, please be my guest. This is a toy that’s made to be shared. Just follow the link at the bottom, copy the code, and paste it into your sidebar.

Hopefully I’ll soon learn what it would take to add it as a gadget to Vista desktops. How cool would that be, to have a Life Writing Tip of the Day right there in your sidebar?

This idea sprang to mind a few months ago. I have lots of ideas like that, and it’s rare that I actually bring one to fruition like this, so this is extra cause for celebration. Actually, it’s not unlike all the story ideas floating around that I think about writing, but there’s only so much time.

Remember that Flavia card I found a couple of posts ago? This widget is like those words. And now that I’ve got my mind cleared out, I’m ready to write stories again and start putting those tips into practice.

Write now: about ideas you’ve had that you did or did not implement. What stories have you thought of and not written? Are they on your Story Idea List?


Pat's Place said...

When I added your widget to my blog the top line did not come out--no title. It looked strange, so I removed it. Suggestions?

Ritergal said...

Hi Pat,

Thanks for being my beta tester and reporting in. After looking with a magnifying glass, I found a piece of lint jamming up the works. That is, I found a dot where it shouldn't have been, in the link to that title graphic. It's fixed, and should work fine now. I'm tickled that you can get in there and do this and look forward to hearing an update on the morrow.

I suspect that if writing life stories were as demanding as writing code, nobody would ever touch pen or keyboard!

Joie said...

Your accomplishments and celebrations inspire me as well as your reminder to honor those dreams we never completed. Some we put away because timing issues weren't optimal. Some we outgrew. Some faded away or found others who would embrace them. Even in remembering them, perhaps feeling a sense of loss, we resuscitate them by breathing them back into life, or honoring them by forever putting them to rest.

There is a book title named, "Going to Plan B" that addresses life following the dreams that didn't take root and deals with this issue. It is a visual representation to me that others also have some dreams discarded along the path.

Congrats on the widget! And I love how you phrased, "After looking with a magnifying glass, I found a piece of lint jamming up the works." Clever. Very clever!

Pat's Place said...

Whoooopppeeee! It worked. Check out my blog now!

Terri Tiffany said...

I saw your widget on Pat's and like it better than the one I have. I will try to remember to add it tomorrow.

Ritergal said...

Pat, that gold looks simply stunning against your dark background. Wow! And thanks!

Ritergal said...


I'm so pleased that you like the Life Writer version of Daily Writing Tips. It will look great on your site too.

Ritergal said...


Plan B sounds terrific. I'll have to check it out. We all have dreams that got shoved to the back burner. Maybe it just wasn't time. Thanks for the reminder that they don't have to die.

Those dreams are fertile topics for journaling.