Stories Help Us Cope With Tragedies

Telling stories seems to be one of the most natural ways to cope with tragedy. Mixed with the joy of our family's newest addition, is the grief my daughter and her husband are experiencing following a near-fatal accident involving a close friend, Jeff Byers. Jeff survived the accident, but only through the miracles of modern medical technology. He remains in a coma, though signs of healing are appearing, and his long-term prognosis is anyone’s guess.

I have never met Jeff, and I don’t remember hearing about him, but each day Chris Mack, my son-in-law, has been writing a blog entry comprised of a story based on memories of his experiences with Jeff, and I
’m beginning to feel that he’s my friend too. Chris told me that he wrote the first story, “Because it felt like the right thing to do,” and he continues writing them for the same reason. He agrees that it helps him cope with his own grief and dismay, and hopes it may serve the same purpose for mutual friends who may read the stories. Of course there is always the hope that Jeff will recover to read these tributes.

stories are short, sweet, and simple, and I invite you to read them, to show that you don’t have to write something long and flowery to have a great story.

Today’s entry is Jeff Stories #6. Chris plans to keep writing them
“until I run out of stories, and then I may include some from others who know them.” Right now, you’ll find six earlier ones (including the unnumbered introductory one). If you read this message after September 17, 2007, you may find later ones also.

I’ll close by requesting prayers for Jeff from anyone so inclined.

Write on,

Sharon Lippincott, aka Ritergal


Bonkers said...

I like Jeff Byers now too...and very much want him to get better! I read all the entries. Such a guy style, and a good way to cope. Thanks for letting us in.
Sharon Eakes

MagnoliaGirl said...

Yes, I think it's wonderful to celebrate the "stories" of our loved ones. I wish both Jeff and Chris many more stories to live and tell....

Tara said...

This is ironic that you would write this. I just released my chapbook yesterday and writing it was my way of dealing with some traumatic things that happened in my very own life.

Writing truly is a blessing for one's soul.

ybonesy said...

Thanks for sharing this. I wish Jeff a full recovery.

Amanda said...

Thanks for getting the story of my uncle Jeff out there to others. I saw the baby at the hospital, though only briefly! What a beauty she is.

Like I told Carita, these modern medical technologies are made possible by the achievements of Jeff and other great minds like his.

He won't ever be forgotten. Too many fond memories. He loved us all wholeheartedly, that's for sure.