A(nother) Child Is Born

Anna Sophia, our newest granddaughter, arrived safe, sound, and healthy on September 7. She and her mommy are doing great. Dad is proud as a peacock, and big sister is fascinated, at least so far.

Grandmama is swamped. Keeping up with a two-year-old is more work than it seemed thirty-several years ago. Also more fun. Today the two of us went to the weekly Free Kids' Show at Ruta Maya, a coffee house in Austin. This is the place to take tots on Sundays in Austin. The place was SRO. The show featured a juggler who specializes in juggling machetes — heady stuff for wee ones and beyond comprehension for grannies.

Although my own list of story ideas is growing by the hour, it's time to take a Grandmother Break. I shall resume blogging in two or three weeks. Until then, keep those fingers flying across the keys or pages.

Write on,

Sharon Lippincott, aka Ritergal


stephanie said...

Congratulations, Sharon. I undertand your absence and will eagerly await your return. Maybe we could get a photo or two of your new granddaughter with the beautiful name.

Becca said...

Congrats, Sharon! Another grandbaby who can appreciate the love and wonderful storytelling of her Grandma. Have a wonderful few weeks with your growing family! I'll look forward to your baby stories. :)

Satia said...

Congratulations. I've been lurking around your blog for a short time now and am thrilled to read your good news. I know how it is when the story ideas flow . . . enjoy the time and I will keep my fingers flying.

Lee Ambrose said...

Sharon, congratulations! So happy to hear of your granddaughter's arrival. Enjoy those precious grandmama moments! Can't wait to see pictures

ybonesy said...

This is great news, Sharon! Congratulations to you both (grandmother and mother)!