A Place for Your Stories

This post is a thank you note to Ronni Bennet, creator of The Elder Storytelling Place, a blog I wish I’d started. Ronni created this site as a place where anyone with at least a half-century of life experience can post (short) lifestories, and the world can read some very fine ones.

A person could spend lots and lots of time on this blog. Right now it’s only in its fourth month, with a total of 78 stories, so you could conceivably read them all in a long afternoon. (That is rapidly changing.) But the stories on this site are only the tip of the iceberg. Ronni includes links to three other “Elders
Storytelling Websites” and many contributors have websites with stories. This may be a story web with no boundaries.

I’m so glad Ronni has started this site, and I hope that submissions snowball. It’s a treat to read other people’s stories. No two are the same. Some are funny, some heart-rending, some informative and some thought-provoking. Each is written from somebody’s heart.

I hope everyone will go read stories on The Elder Storytelling Place. Your muse is sure to get excited by the field trip as memories dance around, and your story idea list will grow. I hope a lot of you will contribute stories to the site. If you’ve never seen your words on the web, you don’t know what you are missing. It’s lots of fun to check back and read the encouraging comments. You can send the link to everyone you know, and be sure to send it to me while you are at it. Go to Ronni’s site, look in the top left corner under “This Is Your Blog” and click on “What You Can Do Here” and “How to Do It” to find out how to get started.

I’m going to look through my files to find something that’s about a page long and send one off myself.

Thanks again, Ronni. I’m putting you in my links bar.

Sharon Lippincott, aka Ritergal


kenju said...

As a daily reader and one who sometimes submits stories to Ronni's blog, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I do hope that many people will read it and share their own pieces of life. It can only enrich us all.

Ritergal said...

Judy (I know her name is Judy, because I clicked on "kenju" and found her blog),

Thank you for stopping by. Your story about You Show Me Yours... was one of the first that I read on Ronni's site. It's so much fun, and brought back a few memories of my own. I'll have to write that story! Thanks for sharing yours.

Click here to read Judy's story.