Mother Lode of Writer's Block Busters

It’s been over a couple of months since I posted anything about Writer’s Block. Since returning from my most recent Big Adventure, I’ve so energized I haven’t even thought about this topic, but I just came across a web page that brought it to mind. That web page is a mother lode of Writer's Block Busters and I immediately recognized it as material you may benefit from reading yourself.

I’m a firm believer that there is no point in re-inventing a wheel. Joyce Boatright has done a splendid job on that list, so I’ll simply send you over to her website to read it rather than creating a new one. When you finish reading her list, you may want to click over to the Wake Up Writing site she links to and sign up for daily writing warm-ups or energizers to enhance your Personal Writing Fitness.

I’m even more pleased to send you there, because I’ve personally met Joyce. I shared a meal with her during the fantastic LifeWriting workshop sponsored by Story Circle Network that I attended in March. Joyce was one of the assistant facilitators and is a sincerely helpful person.

So read this list and if the shoe fits ...

Write on,

Sharon Lippincott, aka Ritergal

Countdown: 68 days until the release of The Heart and Craft of Lifestory Writing on July 1. Stay tuned for ordering details.

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