Major Milestone

I haven’t written much about the book I’m working on since the very earliest blog entries. Not surprisingly, the title of the book is THE HEART AND CRAFT OF LIFESTORY WRITING. I have to tell you that I’ve been going through absolutely every challenge I write about within the process of writing the book. I’ve had to pull disparate pieces of this and that together. I’ve had to write transitions, and document facts. I’ve had to reach out on faith into the nether world, trusting that the right words will appear, and every time they have, though not always as quickly as I’d like.

The good news is that I just passed a major milestone. I finished what I intend to be the final edit. There are still half a dozen items on the list that must be checked off before it is press-ready, but I’m pumped.

Passing this milestone of having all the structure and order the way I want it, the words flowing smoothly, and the formatting under control reminds me that we need to celebrate often as we write. Celebrate each story. Revel in the glory of your accumulating pile of pages.

Some stories are short. That’s okay. Not all stories need to be long.

Some blog entries are short. That’s okay. I’m tired and I’m going to celebrate!

Write on,

Sharon Lippincott, aka Ritergal


JoJo said...

CONGRATULATIONS on reaching this milestone!! In addition to giving us individual ideas, you have provided a template for how to write a book in a series of thoughts. ~ Joie

Ritergal said...

Many thanks. Some of the material in the blog is in the book, and some of it is even in the same form. Of course the book has much, much more, and it's in a logical sequence rather than scattered around every which way. Stay tuned. You'll hear more in coming weeks.