This page has links to stories I've written that I want to share with the world. The first group, Ritergal's Stories, has been posted one place or another on the web since 2000. This is their latest home. They are among the earliest stories I wrote. Ritergal, as you may already know, is the webname I adopted in 2000 when I put together my first website. Read about that here.

A sampling of the hundreds residing on my hard drive will soon join these. All are in PDF format for easy viewing or downloading.

Ritergal's Stories

The Snake ─ Ritergal learns an important lesson.ViewDownload
The Easter Bunny Discovered ─ Ritergal breaks the bunny code.ViewDownload
Things that Go Rattle in the Night ─ Ritergal faces a fright with surprising results.ViewDownload
With Bells On ─ Will Ritergal accept her teacher's dare?ViewDownload
My Life as a Butterfly ─ Ritergal meets the  Apple and finds her wings.ViewDownload
Mother Goes GaGa ─ Who was that mysterious stranger?ViewDownload
Grabbing Granny's Dishes ─ Ritergal gets the goods while the getting is good.ViewDownload