A Blog-keeping Break

Today it’s time for a little blog-keeping. Those of you who signed up for notices of new posts via Bloglet will see a new form in your e-mail tonight. Bloglet quit working for the second time in four months. Bloglet is toast. I beg your forbearance for having arbitrarily transferred all subscriptions to Blogarithm. I think once you try it, you’ll like it. In fact, you can use Blogarithm to track new content on any website, not just blogs. Also, you’ll get a few teaser lines from the blog, not just the title.

By the way, if you never signed up for notices via Bloglet, this is a great time to do so now. Just click that little button over there in the sidebar and you’ll always be notified when something new appears. Your privacy is guaranteed, and, as always, each notice includes the option to unsubscribe.

Another piece of blog-keeping is to announce that I’ve discovered a growing site, Stories in Common, where you can post your own stories, for free. This is a relatively new site, with threads for various types of stories, and that thread list promises to grow. Rather than explaining the whole site to you here, I encourage you to use the new permanent link in the sidebar to click on over and check it out for yourself. I think it’s a great opportunity for you loyal readers to post some of your work. You are cordially and eagerly invited to leave a link in a comment here when you do, so we can all follow along.

You’ll find another new link in the sidebar to a blog of stories written by Thelly Rheam, aka Story Lady in Cardiff by the Sea. Thelly is a long-time lifestory writer with over 500 stories filed away for posterity. She covers a lot of ground in her writing. Some are hilariously funny, some are touching, some are inspiring and a few are even sad. Spend a little time on her site for some ideas on writing style and story leads.

As for me, I’ve been out working in the yard lately, soaking up the balmy sunshine. I’ve never been much of a gardener, and our current cottage in the woods doesn’t require much, but the warm sun brought back memories of spring time long ago with liberation from heavy clothing, new balls, and the smell of newly mown grass. What does spring remind you of? Do you think back to childhood? Do you enjoy working in your garden and remember past years of seed sowing and setting bedding plants? Maybe you had a big adventure in the spring? Write it down and post away!

Write on,

Sharon Lippincott, aka Ritergal

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